Blog posts about the Heygate viability assessment FOI Tribunal

Lendlease says jump - Southwark jumps

Southwark Council has bowed to developers’ will and restricted public access to financial viability appraisals of planning applications. Instead of being published when planning applications are submitted, the appraisals will be published just one week before the planning committee takes its decision. The... [Read More]

Heygate viability assessment finally revealed

After three years of appeals by Southwark Council and its development partner Lend Lease, Adrian Glasspool has finally received the viability assessment for the Heygate outline masterplan in response to his May 2012 FOI/EIR request. Southwark had initially rejected the request and appealed after... [Read More]

Heygate FOI appeal decision - Tribunal delivers verdict

The 35% campaign welcomes the latest - and hopefully final - decision in the battle to make the Heygate viability assessment public. The Information Tribunal has directed that the whole viability assessment be made public, apart from developer Lend Lease’s bespoke development model in the assessment’s final appendix and... [Read More]

Mission Possible - bringing viability assessments out of the dark

Following the successful FOI request by Heygate campaigners, Earls Court community activists have also succeeded with their FOI request for disclosure of viability documents behind their local regeneration scheme, which - like the Heygate - has a great absence of truly affordable housing. The... [Read More]

Heygate Tribunal Hearing Extended

The scheduled 5 day hearing of Southwark Council’s appeal against the Information Commissioner’s order to release the viability assessment for the Heygate redevelopment will now run into a sixth day. The Tribunal will reconvene on the 18 February to hear final submissions from barristers. The viability assessment details why... [Read More]

Heygate Viability Figures Tribunal Appeal

The 35% Campaign will be giving evidence this week at the 5-day Tribunal hearing for Southwark Council’s Appeal against the Information Commissioner’s ruling to disclose the Heygate financial viability figures. We will be supporting the Information Commissioner’s decision and giving evidence to show why we think it is... [Read More]

How to avoid providing affordable housing - a guide for developers

Since our last blog post we have been asked to explain more about viability assessments - also known as viability reports. These are a developer’s analysis of the finances of their own scheme, and if this self-assessment demonstrates to the council’s satisfaction that the scheme is not financially viable,... [Read More]

Heygate Figures must be Revealed - Information Commissioner

Southwark Council has been ordered to disclose the financial viability assessment provided by developer Lend Lease to secure the approval of its Heygate masterplan application. This assessment justified the reduction in the affordable housing requirement from 35% to 25% and the reduction of social rented housing to just 71 units.... [Read More]