Tenure mix breakdown:

The following table sets out the tenure mix provision of the seven major development schemes at the Elephant & Castle.

Of the 5,387 new homes being built at the Elephant a grand total of 331 will be social rent (6%) with 115 of these having been purchased by the Council from developers for an undisclosed sum.

The Council's planning policy for the Elephant and Castle requires a minimum of 17.5% of new homes to be social rent. Had it stuck by its planning policy then these schemes would have provided 943 much-needed new social rented homes at no cost to the Council. The Council's failure at Elephant and Castle mirrors its ongoing failure to secure affordable housing from developers in major schemes across the borough.

The Council claims that it is delivering new 'council homes' in the area like these ones at Blackfriars Road, but it continues to sell off and knock down existing council homes faster than it is building new ones.