Maydew House

This 24-storey block containing 144 council flats overlooking Southwark Park, has been decanted (amidst protest) after the council declared (without disclosing the figures) that the cost of repair was “difficult to justify”. The Council served a Compulsory Purchase Order on the remaining leaseholders and tenants of the block (and neighbouring Abbeyfield estate) in 20121.

Maydew House is now being refurbished and 5 extra penthouse floors added to provide a total of 180 units, but only 74 will remain as council flats - a net loss of 70 council homes2. The remaining 106 flats will all be sold off on the open market.

The Council claims that this is acceptable because it is building 60 new council homes nearby where it is knocking down the Bede community centre.

Bede Centre - soon to be demolished