North Peckham regeneration

North Peckham regeneration

The GLA report relating to the North Peckham estate regeneration describes the scheme as follows:

“The North Peckham estate regeneration, also known as Southwark’s Five Estates Peckham Masterplan, was approved as Supplementary Planning Guidance by Southwark Council in April 1995. The five estates are: the Sumner; the North Peckham; the Willowbrook; Gloucester Grove and the Camden estates. Five Estates was one of the major projects that resulted from Peckham Partnerships, the biggest Single Regeneration Budget scheme in the country. The total value of the regeneration programme was £290 million, which included a £60 million grant from the Government’s Single Regeneration Budget.”

The GLA report confirms that the Five Estates project comprised 3203 homes, which were demolished and replaced by 2019 new homes provided in a “more balanced tenure mix”. Overall, the scheme resulted in a net loss of 1184 social-rented dwellings. It is unknown how many of the new-build social rented dwellings (managed by housing associations) have since been converted to affordable rent (i.e. up to 80% market rent.

Luna Glucksberg, lecturer in urban studies at Goldsmiths University wrote very interesting and informative chapter of her PHD thesis on the regeneration of the North Peckham estate.

The excellent Municipal Dreams blog has written extensively here, here and here about the history of the North Peckham estate and its regeneration.

There is also this BBC article: