E&C Shopping Centre/UAL redevelopment

Who will pay for the 116 social housing units?

Southwark negotiates itself out of a multi-million pound payment and it now looks like the 116 new social rented homes will be funded entirely by the Council.

Delancey cooks the books

Delancey cooks the books to reduce the affordable housing offer.

Transport Interchange

The initial plans proposed a brand new transport interchange connecting the train station directly with the tube. This has now been shelved.

Displaced Traders

Only 10% of the redeveloped shopping centre has been earmarked for existing traders.

Renewable Energy

The original plans proposed the scheme be supplied by 100% on-site generated renewable energy but the final consented scheme will provide just 1%.

Public Land

Public land has been donated to Delancey to create an entirely privately managed new town centre.

Delancey's offshore connections

The entire Elephant & Castle town centre has been registered to a shell company registered in the British Virgin Islands.

The Coronet

A historic venue hosting important cultural events in a historic art-deco building.

The Bingo Hall

An important local community facility serving 500 local pensioners every day.


A brief description of the background to the scheme.