Heygate estate redevelopment

Revolving doors

After ten years of being wined and dined by Lendlease's lobbying agent, our Council leader who signed the regeneration agreement with them has just taken up a job with them.

The new homes that never got built

Residents were promised shiny new homes most of which never got built and the ones that did weren't built in time.

Lendlease Greenwash

Greenwash masks a vast reduction in open space on the redeveloped estate.

Gensler report

Architect's study shows that refurbishment would be better economically and environmentally.

The Heygate diaspora

Heygate residents scattered to the four corners of London.

Decision taken without consultation

Decision is taken to demolish the estate 3 years before any discussion with residents.

Cooking the Books

Lendlease cooks the books to reduce its affordable housing obligations even further.

The original plans and (broken) promises

The original vision promised much more than was actually delivered.

Sold for a pittance

Council sells estate for less than it cost to empty it.